• 5+ years' experience in the CG industry
• Proficient with Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Unreal4
• Experience with Python, VEX, MEL


FX Artist | Anamon Studios, Let's Eat, 2019
• Created flour fight and steam for food using Houdini smoke solver.
• Created tears for characters using procedural animation in Houdini.
• Rendered VDB elements using RenderMan in Maya.

Lead FX Artist | StudioX, Steve's Catch, 2019
• Set up large scale water FX for Lake scenes using Houdini Flip solver.

FX Artist | Academy of Art University, FX Thesis, 2018-2019
• Created 8 shots of animatics of aircraft crashing scenes using Maya.
• Created particles, fluids, pyro and rigid-body using Houdini for large destruction FX.

FX Artist | StudioX, Highest Sky / Blood, 2018
• Created meteor explosion using Houdini pyro solver for short film Highest Sky.
• Created blood FX using Maya Bifrost for short film Blood.


Lighting Artist | StudioX, Coyote's Place, 2019
• Created lighting set for desert scenes using V-Ray in Maya.

Lead Lighting Artist | StudioX, FoodieCats, 2017-2018
• Set up V-Ray rendering pipeline in Maya and Nuke script template for compositing.

Compositing Intern | CheerDigiart VFX, 2015
• Rotoscoped and composited several clips of Taiwanese movies.



MFA, Animation & Visual Effects, 2017-2019
Academy of Art University | San Francisco, CA

BFA, Multimedia and Animation Arts, 2010-2014
National Taiwan University of Arts | Taipei, Taiwan